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This article is about Risky Rails Bridge Drop. You may be looking for Thomas' Daring Drop.

Risky Rails Bridge Drop is a TrackMaster (Fisher-Price) set sold in the US and Australia.

Product Description

Box description

Working at the Blue Mountain Quarry is a big adventure for Thomas, and the Risky Rails Bridge Drop takes the daring action to new heights! Thomas carries the boulder up the winding Blue Mountain Quarry track. Send it down the chute and zooming across the cargo zip-line with help from Merrick the crane. As Thomas chugs back down the track, the bridge collapses! Will Thomas be able to travel these risky rails safely?


  • Thomas with Red Truck
  • Merrick
  • Cargo Zip-Line with chute
  • Two Boulders
  • Collapsing Bridge
  • Loading Station
  • Oval of Blue Mountain Quarry track


  • This set has the tallest TrackMaster destination for the brown track system.
  • The prototype features a riser with a supported base, a clear Blue Mountain Quarry logo on the mountain instead of white and black symbols on the loading station sign instead of white.