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Hello, I am Jdog. I was the third admin on the Thomas and Friends TrackMaster Wiki. I live in Australia.

About me on this wiki

I discovered the TrackMaster Wiki in March 2011 by seeing a link to it on the Thomas Wiki. I decided to have a look and, from past experiences of seeing other wikis, I thought that the articles that were on there at that point weren't related to the actual toy line products. In April, I gave this point to madbomberfan and I improved on some of the pages. He liked this so much that he made me the third admin on here. As more articles were made, I've managed to fix anything up on them and have made them more presentable.

The things I would like to do on here some day would be to possibly extend onto making articles for the Japanese Plarail trains.

Products I own

Of course, I own some Motor Road and Rail and TrackMaster, but not nearly as much as others have.

Tomy Trains

  • Thomas Starter Set (Thomas does not work)
  • Thomas the Tank Engine Set (I got this from a friend many years ago but it had some missing pieces. I don't have it anymore for some reason)
  • Random assortment of track including a sloped curve piece, forward-reverse track piece, and others bought second hand.

Tomica World/Motor Road and Rail

  • Thomas with Annie and Clarabel
  • Henry with Fish Van and Log Car
  • Gordon with Express Coach
  • James with Cattle Van and Brakevan (unfortunately, James broke and I don't own him anymore)
  • Percy with Fuel Tanker and Mail Coach
  • Toby with Henrietta and Troublesome Truck (I accidently peeled off Toby's numbers)
  • Duck with Scruffey and Toad
  • Lady with Purple Trucks
  • Neville with Red Van
  • Busy Bee James
  • Harvey with Works Unit Coach and Flatbed (second hand, very worn)
  • Tar Tanker (bought second hand)
  • Bertie
  • Elizabeth (bought second hand)
  • Country Station
  • Harold and Windmill Scenery Set
  • Station from Thomas Adventure Set without Harold, Rail Drawbridge with broken sides and random assortment of track bought second hand.
  • Random assortment of track with Ffarquhar Station, Rail Tunnel, larger tunnel, Country Station, Talk 'n' Action track pieces, and some extra cars bought second hand.
  • Thomas Adventure Set (incomplete) bought second hand. Missing are the track riser supports, Thomas, Bertie, Harold, and some little accessories and parts for the road/rail bridge section.
  • Thomas Big Set (Bulgy broke down)
  • Thomas and Cranky Crane Train Set (I broke my Cranky at the Docks and the trucks couplings and I don't have it anymore)
  • Thomas and Freight Cars set components x2 (Firstly bought second hand, no Thomas, all the cars except Scruffey, front coupling missing from one truck and the coach, nearly all the track, found another set with Thomas, some duplicate cars and two extra buffers)
  • Extension Kit

TrackMaster (HiT Toy Company)

  • Curved track piece with pair of MRR adaptors (Magazine bonus; first ever TrackMaster item)
  • Cranky at the Docks (bought second hand, flatbed missing)

TrackMaster (Fisher-Price)

Videos and websites

These websites are not official and are made by fans, so I have posted them here because they are quite interesting to me.

  • Plarail Facebook group - This is a Facebook fan group which mainly focuses on Plarail but covers all the ranges. The community is really friendly and everyone is helpful at pointing things out and trying to overcome the langauge barriers and hazy history of all Plarail products.
  • Blue Plastic Tracks - This is a forum for discussing all the ranges from Motor Road and Rail to TrackMaster, as well as different brands' train systems and other toys. I sometimes spend some time on here and the community is slowly growing.
  • Plarail Thomas museum - Spanning from 2000-2003, this site shows this person's Plarail Thomas collection, and also includes some homemade items, such as the Flying Scotsman, Big City Engine, and Mr Jolly's Chocolate Cars.
  • Too Much Thomas the Tank Engine - This is the website for a family's exhibit, featuring all the ranges that ran for ten years. They also have some tips for making layouts and adjustments.
  • Suns Thomas and Friends - This is a blog made by a collector in New Zealand, who collects all the ranges and has also uploaded scans from catalogues and instruction manuals. Please do not use his images without his permission.

These are videos I have been gathering from YouTube showing advertisments for each system for anyone's interest. More will be coming over time:

Part 6 Part 7 (Thomas part) Part 8 Part 9